The Best 2024 Jewelry Trends from Fashion Week (2024)

It is a fashion fact universally acknowledged that the right piece of jewelry can be the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. Nowhere is this more obvious than on the runway during fashion month when designers debut next season's collections and top trends in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Not only is it a feast for fashion girlies the world over, but it gives you ample time to daydream exactly how you'll style your looks once the weather changes up again. For this upcoming season, designers softened and expanded on fall's top jewelry trends including playing up pearls, mismatching earrings, and leaning hard into ultra-femme, edgy, and opulent aesthetics.

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While thinking about summer jewelry might feel impossibly far off, it'll be time to slip on statement rings and ribbon chokers before you know it which is why we've rounded up the top jewelry trends for spring and summer, fresh off Fashion Month's most exciting runways.

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Power Pearls

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We love a trend that evolves over time which is exactly what this year's runways have forecasted for pearl jewelry. While multi-strand necklaces and delicate earrings shaped this fall's approach, pearls for Spring/Summer 2024 are decidedly more bold. At Kimhekim and Sixdo, larger-than-life pearls were worn at statement necklaces. Meanwhile, at Versace, dramatic jacket pearl earrings veered far from the delicate studs of previous seasons.

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Cuffing Season

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Ultra-luxe ear cuffs were spotted at Loewe and Zimmermann where crystal and gold cuffs climbed up the ears of models the walking the runway. These statement earrings featured all all the sharp angles of fall's punk-inspired accessories with upscale polish and refinement.

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An Imperfect Match

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At Fendi, Schiaparelli, and Valentino, the mismatched earring trend from fall continued, great news for anyone with a jewelry box full of fabulous single earrings missing their buddy.

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Under the Sea

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Mermaidcore, but make it luxe. Fashion Week jewelry trends don't always deliver a cohesive theme, but the marine vibes at Chuks Collins and Schiaparelli were both direct and immaculate. Chuk Collins delivered multi-textural statement earrings with coral chandelier elements while Schiaparelli sent statement necklaces featuring crabs and lobsters down the runway.

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Big Bangles

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Stacked bangles have always been a vibe, but for Spring/Summer '24, designers like Carolina Herrera, Loewe, and Balmain abandoned the slim stacks of former seasons in favor of more opulent and architectural silhouettes.

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Glamorous Gauntlets

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Dramatically adorned wrists took an even bolder shape at Rabanne and Schiaparelli, where models walked the runway in shining armor-inspired looks accented with thick gauntlet-style wrist cuffs.

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Hot Collars

Chokers are here to stay, if the necklaces worn by models in the Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, and Christian Dior Spring/Summer '24 runway shows are any indication. A mix of metals and textures defined this season's approach to the trend, delivering both spiky and streamlined variations.

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Luxe Laurel Wreaths

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Go ahead and add the designers at Susan Fang, Ulla Johnson, Giambattista Valli to the list of folks constantly thinking about the Roman Empire. While opulently adorned headbands were seen at Paris, New York, and Milan Fashion Weeks, we're especially enticed by the metallic and modern take on the laurel wreaths of antiquity delivered by these three brands.

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Statement Rings

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Scorpios, this jewelry trend is for you. The oversized statement rings spotted on the Rabanne and Missoni runways delivered both witchy crystal and statement co*cktail ring vibes.

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Classic Cameos

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At Adeam and Selkie, the pearl necklace and choker trends — plus a healthy dose of the ultra-feminine coquette aesthetic —came together in the form of gorgeous mult-strand cameo necklaces.

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At Sinead Gorey, Frederick Anderson, and Aadnevik, a minimal and delicate approach to coquette fashion took center stage as models with ribbons tied in neat bows on their necks walked the runway. Our favorite part? A quick trip to your local craft store means you can recreate this runway look at home for less than a PSL.

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Layered Loops

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While many designers chose to focus on short chains and chokers, some like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton, veered hard in the opposite direction and delivered long, layered beaded and bedazzled necklaces.

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Supersized Hoop Earrings

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A retro vibe was present at Naeem Khan, Carolina Herrera, and elsewhere courtesy of '90s-esque XXL hoop earrings. While they don't look like the most lightweight jewelry trend, we love the blend of simplicity and drama this throwback silhouette brings.

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Single Statement Earrings

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The single earring trend from the fall runways continues to thrive. Prabal Gurung and Dion Lee took a larger-than-life abstract approach, while Anteprima delivered far more lightweight, but no less dramatic dangling earring.

The Best 2024 Jewelry Trends from Fashion Week (2024)
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