Snopes Reverses its ‘Fact-Check’ on Ashley Biden’s Diary From ‘Unproven’ to ‘True’ – California Globe (2024)

The controversial leftie fact-checking website Snopes reversed their “fact check” from “unproven” to “true” over the Ashley Biden diary story in which she allegedly claimed that her father, President Joe Biden, had taken “inappropriate” showers with her.

The fact-checking website’s reversal comes on the heels of Ashley Biden’s letter to Judge Laura Taylor Swain confirming the authenticity of the diary during the sentencing of Aimee Harris, one of the two individuals convicted of stealing the diary and selling it to Project Veritas.

The letterwas leaked and went viral. The New York Times published the letter in full. But only after intimating that the diary theft was done by Project Veritas in 2021.

In response to whether the contents of Ashley Biden’s diary were verified, Snopes wrote:

“On April 29, 2024, Snopes changed the rating of this fact check from ‘Unproven’ to ‘True’ based on testimony provided by Ashley Biden. In an April 8 letter to a New York judge requesting jail time for one of the two people convicted of stealing her diary, Biden wrote ‘I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online.’”

Previous versions of this fact check noted ‘strong evidence’ that the diary existed, but argued that no source had authenticated the contents of the pages published online, writing that ‘the authenticity of photographs purported to be from a diary is a separate question from the factual existence of a diary.'”

What caused the reversal?

“Ashley Biden’s letter to the court, in Snopes’ view, provides that authentication.”

Snopes posted some of Biden’s letter:

“After being the victim of a crime in my early twenties, I developed PTSD. The journal that was stolen was part of my efforts to heal.

I am a private citizen, targeted only because my father happened to be running to be President. In other words, the extensive work I have done to move past my trauma was undone by Ms. Harris’s actions. …

Although this criminal act happened more than three years ago, because of the publicity it drew—exactly as Ms. Harris intended—I am constantly re-traumatized by it. I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online.

Repeatedly, I hear others grossly misinterpret my once-private writings and lob false accusations that defame my character and those of the people I love.

“I am deeply saddened that I even have to write this letter because my personal private journal was stolen and sold for profit,” began Biden. “The point of the theft, I assume, was to be able to peddle grotesque lies by distorting my stream-of-consciousness thoughts. The reason I have decided to not attend tomorrow’s sentencing in person is because it would only increase my pain. Nonetheless, I write to ask Your Honor to sentence the defendant to time in prison.”

NEW: Snopes reverses their 'Fact Check' after Ashley Biden confirmed her diary was real in a letter to Judge Laura Taylor Swain.

Old Twitter would have used Snopes to ban us all for "misinformation."

Ashley Biden appeared to suggest that her father was a pedoph*le by writing in…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) May 13, 2024

“Much like her half-brother Hunter Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden has, to an extent, benefited from a faithful media willing to suppress damaging stories about the Democrat family,” BizPack Review reported. “Now, similar to the delayed admission about the authenticity of the infamous laptop from hell, Ashley Biden’s diary confessing a “hyper-sexualized” youth and showers with her dad was once again found to be the real deal by her own statement.”

Snopes dug in further down in the reversal article:

Since 2023, various right-leaning accounts on X (formerly Twitter) haveshared an oldvideo containing audio of a phone call between Ashley Biden, the daughter of U.S. President Joe Biden, and operatives of Project Veritas — a political organization that claims to practice journalism.

As Snopes discussed in detailin March 2023, that phone call is part of a suite of evidence that suggests Project Veritas came into possession of a diary that authentically belonged to Ashley Biden. Project Veritas, nevertheless, withheld publication of the document.

Nevertheless, Ashley Biden’s diary is real, as she told the judge: “I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online.”

Full disclosure: The Globe has been “fact-checked” by Snopes – unconvincingly.

Snopes Reverses its ‘Fact-Check’ on Ashley Biden’s Diary From ‘Unproven’ to ‘True’ – California Globe (2024)
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