Homemade Cat Food - How To Make Your Own Cat Food Recipes (2024)

Many people are choosing homemade cat food over commercially prepared food as there are concerns over the processes and ingredients of these mass produced foods.

If you are like us, your cat is very much a part of your family. And as such you want to make sure that you are feeding them food of the highest quality that gives the best cat nutrition. After all you wouldn't feed the rest of your family food that you had doubts about and couldn't be sure what it contained.

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Before You Begin

Before you spend any time preparing your own cat food recipes, it is best to see how your cat will react to raw meat and fish and to find out their preference. Some cats will go crazy for it first time. Others may not be so sure. If your cat walks away from it, it is probably because they just don't know what it is.

In which case it's best to mix some of the raw meat with their usual food at the start until they get used to the taste. Generally cats will eventually prefer your fresh food to the canned versions as the flavour will be far superior.

Raw or Cooked Meat

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The decision to feed your cat raw or cooked meat and fish is purely up to you. However there are two strong arguments to feeding raw food.

  • Firstly, cats are designed to catch their own food in the wild which they would eat raw. They have lived this way as healthy happy cats for thousands of years and just because they now live in our homes doesn't mean that we have to change their natural diet.
  • Secondly, by cooking meat you are destroying a lot of the vital nutrients required for good cat nutrition and natural health. If you do decide to cook the meat then it is strongly advised to provide your cat with a supplement to ensure that they are receiving a balance diet.

Preparing Your Homemade Cat Food

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If your cat will entirely rely on the food you provide i.e. it doesn't find food elsewhere, then you must be absolutely sure that it contains all thenutrientsrequired to keep your cat healthy. A varied diet is also important.

Try to buy the best ingredients you can afford, this way you will know that the food will be fresh and will remain so for a time. If you buy cheap food then unfortunately this often means that it is not the best quality and may have been frozen or stored for a while, which will reduce your ability to store the food yourself.

Ingredients for Homemade Cat Food Recipes

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Providing a well balanced diet will help to ensure optimum cat nutrition:

  • Meat:All forms of red and white meat provide protein, B group vitamins (raw) and fat. Liver is a good source of vitamin A (raw) but should only be 10 per cent of a cats diet as too much vitamin A can be harmful.
  • Fish:Both white and oily fish contain high quality protein and iodine, but are low in calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, magnesium and sodium. Make sure that there are no small bones which could get stuck in your pets throat. It may be best to cook fish to soften the bones, and nutrients are not lost as in cooked meat.
  • Eggs:Eggs contain Protein, Carbohydrates, fats and many Vitamins. They are a well balanced food especially raw but should only be fed raw once a week.
    • Milk and Cheese:Dairy produce are high in Protein, Carbohydrates, fats and calcium. Whole milk should only be given in small quantities and only once in a while as the lactose contained in it may give your cat Diarrhoea. Cheese however does not contain lactose and so is safe to give in small cat bite size pieces.
    • Vegetables:are a good source of B vitamins as long as they are not overcooked. Vegetables will add variety, colour and texture to your cats menu.
    • Grains:Wheat germ, Oats, barley and Rice are good for various vitamins and minerals. They are safe for cats even if they eat large quantities.

    Making your own homemade cat food recipes can be a lot of fun, helping you to provide your kitty with tip top cat nutrition and keeping them a very happy cat indeed.

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    Homemade Cat Food - How To Make Your Own Cat Food Recipes (2024)
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