Types of gingerbread | Original St. Wolfganger Gingerbread (2024)

The three distinct types of gingerbread are brown gingerbread, wafer-based gingerbread and honey gingerbread.

Types of gingerbread | Original St. Wolfganger Gingerbread (1)BROWN GINGERBREAD

This includes all gingerbread dough made with honey or syrup and baked without using a wafer base. For every 2 parts flour, at least 1 part sugar or sweetener should be used. Ground seeds are optional.

Types of gingerbread | Original St. Wolfganger Gingerbread (2)WAFER GINGERBREAD

This type of gingerbread contains at least 12.5% almonds and/or walnuts and is baked with a wafer base. If necessary, substitute a 14% ground seed mixture.

Types of gingerbread | Original St. Wolfganger Gingerbread (3)HONEY GINGERBREAD

This is one of the oldest types of gingerbread. Made with honey, eggs, flour and the finest spices, the dough mass can be modified using additional flavors should you choose.

Types of gingerbread | Original St. Wolfganger Gingerbread (2024)


What are the different types of gingerbread? ›

The three distinct types of gingerbread are brown gingerbread, wafer-based gingerbread and honey gingerbread.

What are gingerbread cookies called? ›

In America we have two names for these: molasses cookies or gingerbread. These are either thick moist and chewy or the gingerbread cookies can be harder and something one rolls out and cuts into shapes, baked and decorated. We also have ginger snap cookies that are small drops, crisp/hard and spicy sweet.

What country did gingerbread come from? ›

Food historians trace the origins of gingerbread back to the ancient Egyptians, who used it for ceremonial purposes. The ancient Greeks followed suit with the first known recipe for gingerbread around 2400 B.C.

Is gingerbread from Greece? ›

Gingerbread is believed to have originated in its earliest form in 2400BC ancient Greece. Surprisingly, this recipe didn't contain any ginger at all – and was actually a honey cake.

What is the best gingerbread in the world? ›

Victorian cook Sarah Nelson invented Grasmere Gingerbread® in 1854 in the English Lake District village from where it gets its name. A unique, spicy-sweet cross between a biscuit and cake, its reputation quickly spread and it is now enjoyed by food lovers all over the world.

What is the biggest gingerbread? ›

We baked the World's Largest Gingerbread Man Cookie!

He weighed 1,308 lbs, 8 oz and measured 20 feet from head-to-toe.

What is the dark history of gingerbread? ›

​Superstitions about gingerbread flourished in the 17th century. Witches supposedly made gingerbread figures, ate them, and thereby caused the death of their enemies. Dutch magistrates went so far as to declare baking or eating molded cookies illegal.

Which country eats the most gingerbread? ›

In 2018, the highest levels of gingerbread per capita consumption was registered in the Netherlands (2,361 kg per 1000 persons), followed by Germany (886 kg per 1000 persons), Belgium (799 kg per 1000 persons) and Spain (748 kg per 1000 persons), while the world average per capita consumption of gingerbread was ...

Is gingerbread healthy? ›

Gingerbread's delightful combination of flavours and spices isn't just a treat for the taste buds; it's also a potential boon for your health. From its anti-inflammatory properties to its digestive benefits, gingerbread offers an unexpected array of advantages that can complement a well-rounded diet.

Where is the gingerbread capital of the world? ›

Nuremberg was recognized as the "Gingerbread Capital of the World" when in the 1600s the guild started to employ master bakers and skilled workers to create complicated works of art from gingerbread. Medieval bakers used carved boards to create elaborate designs.

What city is known for gingerbread? ›

TORUN, Poland — This medieval city on the banks of the Vistula River is known for two things: astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus and gingerbread cookies.

What is gingerbread called in England? ›

In Medieval England gingerbread meant preserved ginger. The hard cookies were a staple at Medieval fairs in England and on the continent. These became known as “gingerbread fairs” and the cookies called “fairings”.

What is the difference between hard and soft gingerbread? ›

“There are some gingerbread recipes that are hard right after baking and need to sit for a few days to soften. Molasses and honey hardens gingerbread, but as the sugar absorbs moisture, it will get softer.”

What is the main flavor of gingerbread? ›

Gingerbread refers to a broad category of baked goods, typically flavored with ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon and sweetened with honey, sugar, or molasses.

What's the difference between gingersnaps and gingerbread? ›

Both are spiced cookies. The main differences are that gingersnaps are typically rolled into balls, while gingerbread is rolled out and cut into shapes. Gingersnaps are also baked slightly longer, which is where they get their snappy crispiness. Gingerbread is typically a little chewier.

What flavors complement gingerbread? ›

If you don't love the flavor of coffee, there are so many other flavor options to pair with gingerbread: lemon, white chocolate, caramel, chocolate – to name a few.

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