My First Time by Carimi (2024)

Be nice to me be good to me
It's my first time
Be nice to me be good to me
It's my first night

Ser secre'n tou le 2
An nou pa jan'm rakonte
Nou ka fe sa nou vle

Pa gen je kape gade
Kape gade

Sim manyen ti bouch ou
Kalma kalma pa pale
Voizinaj ka kout yo ka menm rakonte

Si jem pedi lan jew, si pe louvri
Poul gade'w
Siw wem fin delala
Se lanmou ki metem la

San remo
San remo cheri sou'w dako
San remo cheri'm pa pe lanmo
San remo cheri'm kitem diw enko

Be nice to me be good to me
It's my first time

Jodya se premye fwa mwen pwomet
Se pa denye fwa nou we
Kontra sa se pou la vie
Mwen renmenw se pou la vie

Mwen gentan we nap vyeyi
Pitit pitit nou ap grandi
Kontra sa se pou la vie

Be nice to me be good to me
It's my first time

In Carimi's song "My First Time," the singer urges the person they are speaking to, to be nice and good to them since it's their first time experiencing something. They repeat this plea throughout the song, stressing the importance of being gentle and kind to them. The lyrics are in Creole, which is a language spoken in Haiti.

The verses tell a story of two people who have a secret to keep and don't want anyone to know what they're doing. They continue doing what they want regardless of what others may say, and they hope that they won't be caught. The raconteurs nearby know what they're doing, but they don't want to spoil their secret. The chorus of the song follows that their 'first time' means a lot to them and that they want to be together 'for life.'

Be nice to me be good to me
I am inexperienced and vulnerable, so please be kind and treat me well

It's my first time
This is my first experience of this kind, so I don't know what to expect

Be nice to me be good to me
I am nervous and anxious, so please show me care and tenderness

It's my first night
This is my first time spending a night like this, and I am scared but excited

Secrets between the two of us
Let's promise not to reveal anything we do or say to anyone else

Let's do what we want
We are free to explore and experiment with each other without any restrictions or judgments

No one is watching
We are alone and private, and we can enjoy each other's company without any interruption

Hold your little mouth
Please be quiet and keep our activities a secret

Neighborhood may gossip and talk about us
People in our community may criticize or spread rumors about us if they find out what we are doing

If I lose my jewelry, if I faint
If I become overwhelmed or something goes wrong, please take care of me and make sure I am safe

Watch over me
Please look after me and be responsible for me during this new experience

If I have an affair
If I cheat on my partner or do something wrong, it is because of my feelings of love and passion

Without worries
We don't have to be concerned or anxious about anything, as long as we trust and respect each other

San Remo cheri, your agreement is okay
San Remo is a reference to a hotel in Haiti where people go for romantic getaways. The singer feels confident that their partner is consenting and willing to join them in this experience

San Remo cheri, I'm not afraid of love
The singer is declaring their love and passion for their partner, and is willing to take risks and explore new experiences with them

San Remo cheri, let me say it again
The artist is expressing their excitement and enthusiasm for this new adventure, and wants to reassure their partner that they are committed to this relationship

Today is my first time, I promise
The artist is reiterating that they are inexperienced and nervous, but willing to learn and try new things

This won't be the last time we see each other
The singer hopes to continue this relationship and deepen their connection in the future

This agreement is for life
The singer believes that this experience and relationship will have a significant impact on their life, and wants to commit to it for a long time

Be nice to me be good to me
The artist is vulnerable and sensitive, and asks for their partner's kindness and compassion during this new experience

It's my first time
The artist is reminding their partner that this is a significant and memorable experience for them, and hopes that their partner will make it special and enjoyable

Contributed by Adeline N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.

My First Time by Carimi (2024)
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