EWG Verified®: Products for Your Health (2024)

EWG Verified® and EWG Reviewed for Science®

EWG Verified® aims to be the gold standard in the health and wellness space.

As the leading nonprofit educating consumers on the health and safety of everyday products, and in furtherance of its mission, EWG offers companies its EWG Verified® and EWG Reviewed for Science® programs for personal care, cleaning and diaper products. Together with our partner companies, EWG intends to change the marketplace to offer consumers products that are safer for their health and the environment.

Almost 20 years ago, EWG developed EWG’s Skin Deep®, one of the world’s first online databases to score tens of thousands of personal care products for human health and safety. EWG created the database in order to move markets to adopt better ingredient safety and transparency standards and provide consumers with practical solutions to protect themselves and their families from everyday exposures to chemicals.

Similarly, EWG created its Guide to Healthy Cleaning to achieve transparency for cleaning products. EWG’s Skin Deep and Guide to Healthy Cleaning together rate 76,500 products from 3,200 brands. Our staff of scientists review and rate more than 23,000 products per year. Through these databases, we reach millions of consumers a year, all interested in buying healthier products.

Following the success of EWG’s databases informing consumers about chemical exposure through the products they use, and rising demand for EWG’s approval in the marketplace, EWG created EWG Verified and EWG Reviewed for Science. The goal of these two EWG programs is to help consumers find healthier products and to help committed and conscientious brands create products that are better for the health of consumers. We pursue these goals at every stage of the process – formulation design, product ingredient decisions and consumer awareness.

EWG Verified®
A licensing program that enables brands to differentiate their products in the marketplace and help consumers identify healthier products at the point of sale.

EWG Reviewed for Science®
A scientific consultancy program in which brands and formulators collaborate with EWG scientists to improve Skin Deep Scores or develop products that meet our rigorous EWG Verified standard.

EWG Verified

To drive companies toward healthier, safer personal care, cleaning and diaper products, EWG created EWG Verified, a licensing program that enables brands to differentiate their products in the marketplace and help consumers identify healthier products at the point of sale.

Consumers know that a product with the EWG Verified seal meets EWG’s strictest standards for their health. That means none of EWG’s chemicals of concern. It means full transparency. It means good manufacturing practices. EWG Verified is a mark they can trust.

The scientific standards behind our EWG Verified program are the strictest available today. They are backed by decades of research and expertise in chemical safety and human health. EWG Verified has more 1,800 products and is growing rapidly.

Coming Soon

Brands, formulators and manufacturers will be able to apply for EWG Verified certification for personal care product ingredients!

To learn more about EWG Verified, please review our standards for personal care, cleaning and diaper products.

EWG Reviewed for Science

To help brands formulate their products to our strict standards, EWG created a science collaboration program with private sector companies called EWG Reviewed for Science. We are a team of scientists, technical experts and engineers. Working together, we leverage EWG’s trusted ingredients ratings to create products that meet EWG’s strictest standards.

EWG’s experts are ready and willing to work with companies to find the best solutions that meet EWG’s strictest standards for health. We rely on the science and data from EWG’s three databases to support this program, and we can assess the following categories:

1) Personal care products
2) Cleaning products
3) Diapers and baby care products
4) Ingredient safety review and scores

We work with brands to help them understand EWG’s rating systems and our standards for chemical safety. EWG has a team of scientists, technical experts and engineers ready and willing to help companies understand and meet EWG’s strictest standards for human health and safety.

We call this program EWG Reviewed for Science, because we want to work with companies at the very beginning of formulation. For personal care, we use EWG’s Formulator Assistance Tool, or FaST, to analyze formulations and provide our partners detailed reports on the status of the formulation.


EWG’s Formulator Assistance Tool analyzes product formulations and provides partners with detailed reports on the formulation’s score on Skin Deep.

EWG’s proprietary formulator tool, powered by Skin Deep, serves product formulators by providing a thorough analysis of formulations and their ingredient scores. This process allows companies to make changes to their formulas during the product development phase, with the goal of helping brands make products that meet EWG Verified standards. FaST is the only tool on the market to determine a product’s score on Skin Deep.


Q: If my product goes through the EWG Reviewed for Science program, does that mean it is automatically EWG Verified?
A: Although EWG Reviewed for Science helps brands formulate products, with the possibility of EWG Verified eligibility, going through the process does not guarantee that the product will be eligible for licensing. EWG Verified criteria include a review of packaging text, claims, intended uses and other items that are assessed upon the submission to an EWG Verified program.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of products that can be assessed through EWG Reviewed for Science?
A: We can review hundreds of formulas throughout a year-long partnership and start immediately. We will work with the company to develop key milestones that reflect product development timelines and go-to-market plans.

Q: How does EWG cover the costs for EWG Verified and EWG Reviewed for Science?
A: By helping bring products to the marketplace that are safe for consumers’ health products, both programs further EWG’s mission of empowering people to live a healthier life in a healthier environment. To fund EWG Verified and EWG Reviewed for Science, companies pay a fee to participate.

Q: What is the cost of EWG Reviewed for Science?
A: The cost depends on the size of the company, the number of products being assessed and the timeline. Our consultancy engagements range from one month to a year in duration.

Interested in learning more about EWG Reviewed for Science? Please contact us here.

EWG Verified®: Products for Your Health (2024)
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