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N°99 hit in Amerika voor Senator Bobby & Senator McKinley Featuring Bill Minkin & Dennis Wholey - Steve Baron of The Hardly-Worldhit Players (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (Produced by Chip Taylor & Dennis Wholey) als Mellow Yellow op 11 maart 1967 [Parkway Records P-137] (45 rpm)

1966: Big Maybelle (Arranged - Bob Gallo) (Produced - Bob Gallo & Jack Taylor) (Engineer - Chris Huston) als Mellow Yellow (LP: 'Big' Maybelle "America's Queen Mother of Soul" Got a Brand New Bag) [Rojac Records RO-122]

1966: Joe King (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) als Mellow Yellow; B-kant van I'm a Believer van The Jalopy Five [Hit Records 273] (45 rpm)

1966: Les Diamants (Paroles anglaises et musique: Donovan Leitch / Adaptation française: Georges Aber) als Mellow Yellow (EP: Winchester Cathedral) [Trianon ets 4623 | Pathé Marconi] (45 rpm) (4-track EP) (Franse versie)

1966: Les Diamants Paroles anglaises et musique: Donovan Leitch / Adaptation française: Georges Aber) als Mellow Yellow (10" LP: Actualités succès) [Trianon ets 5441 | Pathé Marconi] (Franse versie)

N°3 album-hit in West-Duitsland voor James Last Band (Potpourri) als (a.) Sugar Town (Lee Hazlewood) / (b.) Mellow Yellow (Donovan Leitch) / (c.) Black Is Black (Tony Hayes - Steve Wadey - Michelle Grainger) in 1967 (LP: '67 Non Stop Dancing) [Polydor 249 122]

N°173 album-hit in Amerika voor Odell Brown & The Organ-izers (Donovan Leitch) (Personal: Odell Brown, Organ) (Tommy Purvis and Artee "Duke" Payne, Tenor Saxophone) (Louis Satterfield, Electric Bass) (Curtis Prince, Drums) (Master Henry Gibson, Congas) (Recorded January 1967 at Ter Mar Studios, Chicago) (Engineer: Doug Brand) (Album Production & Supervision: Esmond Edwards) als Mellow Yellow in 1967 (LP: Mellow Yellow) [Cadet LPS-788]

1967: Alfredo Doménech y su conjunto (Donovan) als Mellow Yellow "Me gusta el amarillo" (LP: Éxitos del 67 - Vol. 1) [La voz de su amo CSDL 1.440 | EMI]

1967: אני מרגיש כמו מלך (Arik Einstein) (הִסתַגְלוּת (Adaptation): Arik Einstein / Donovan Leitch) (Arranged and Conducted by Alex Weiss) (Produced by Benny Amdurski) als Ani margish kmo melech (Mellow Yellow) - אני מרגיש כמו מלך (EP: אריק איינשטיין) [Hed-Arzi BAN 559] (33 ⅓ rpm) (4-track EP) (Hebreeuwse versie)

1967: אני מרגיש כמו מלך (Arik Einstein) (טקסט בעברית (Adaptation): Arik Einstein / Donovan Leitch) als Ani margish kmo melech (Mellow Yellow) - אני מרגיש כמו מלך (LP: ישן וגם חדש (Old and New) [Hed-Arzi BAN 14030] (Hebreeuwse versie)

1967: Caterina Caselli (Testo originale e musica: Donovan / Testo italiano: Albula) (Orchestra: Franco Monaldi) als Cielo giallo (LP: Diamoci del tu) [CGD FG 5033] (Italiaanse versie)

1967: Dan Hill and his Sounds Electronic als (a.) Sugar Town (Lee Hazlewood) / (b.) Sunny (Bobby Hebb) / (c.) Mellow Yellow (Donovan Leitch) (LP: Music to Watch Girls By) [CBS ASF.1188]

1967: David McCallum (Donovan Leitch) (Arrangements by H.B. Barnum) (Produced by David Axelrod) als Mellow Yellow (LP: David McCallum) [Capitol Records ST-2748 | EMI]

1967: Don Randi Trio (Donovan Leitch) (Recorded 'Live' at Sherry's Hollywood) (Produced by Dick Glasser) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Don Randi Trio "Live" on the Sunset Strip!) [Reprise RS 6252]

1967: Las Chic's (Letra original y música: Donovan / Letra española: José Enrique Okamura) als Caramelo "Mellow Yellow" (EP: Caramelo) [RCA Victor MKE 843] (4-track EP) (45m rpm) (Spaanse versie)

1967: Las Chic's (Letra original y música: Donovan / Letra española: José Enrique Okamura) als Caramelo "Mellow Yellow" (LP: Alto... somos Las Chic's...!) [RCA Camden CAM 296] (Spaanse versie)

1967: Los Catinos (Letra original y música: Donovan Leitch / Letra española: José Carreras) als Me gusta el amarillo (Mellow yellow) (EP: Los Catinos) [Belter 51.784] (4-track EP) (45 rpm) (Spaanse versie)

1967: Los Ricky's (Letra original y música: Donovan Leitch / Letra española: José Carreras Moysi) als Me gusta el Amarillo (Mellow Yellow); B-kant van Sonrisas [Sonoplay SN-20 024 (45 rpm) (Spaanse versie)

1967: Los Ricky's (Letra original y música: Donovan Leitch / Letra española: José Carreras) als Me gusta el amarillo (Mellow Yellow); B-kant van Sonrisas [Sonoplay SN-20.024] (45 rpm) (Spaanse versie)

1967: Mike Sharpe (Donovan) (Producer: Harry Middlebrooks) (Arrangers: Harry Middlebrooks and Mike Sharpe) (Personnel: Alto, tenor sax and flute: Mike Sharpe) (Piano and organ: Harry Middlebrooks) (Electric bass: Bob Lee) (Guitar and bass: Emory Gordy) (Drums and percussion: Harry Hawkins, Dennis St. John, and Al Nicholson) als Mellow Yellow (LP: The Spooky Sound of by Mike Sharpe) [Liberty LST 7507]

1967: Noel Trevlac (Donovan Leitch) (The Tremendous Trumpet of Noel Trevlac) (Arranged and Conducted by Stan Butcher) (Production: Monty Babson) (Supervision: Monty Babson) (Engineer: Terry Brown) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Captivation) [Studio 2 Stereo TWO. 186 | EMI]

1967: Orquestra Som Bateau (Donovan) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Top Hits No. 3) [Polydor LPNS 44.006]

1967: Os Duques (Letra original y música: Donovan Leitch / Versión español: José Carreras) (Mario Da Silva - Batería) (Johnny Galvao - Guitarra solista) (Enrique Peiro - Organa y piano) (Rogerio Xavier - Guitarra bajo) (Manuel Guerreiro - Saxo baritone, tenor alto, flauta y guitarra ritmica) als Me gusta el amarillo «Mellow Yellow» (EP: Me gusta el amarillo) [Marfer M. 664] (4-track EP) (45 rpm) (Spaanse versie)

1967: Pierre Girard et son orchestre (Donovan Leitch) als Mellow Yellow (EP: Winchester Cathedral) [Disque Saphir LDP 5.663] (4-track EP) (45 rpm)

1967: Stan Butcher His Birds And Brass (Donovan Leitch) (Supervision: Monty Babson) (Engineer: Adrian Kerridge) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Sayin' Somethin' Stupid and Other Things) [CBS 63016]

1967: The Hardly-Worthit Players (With Senators McKinley and Bobby) (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (A Chip Taylor & Dennis Wholey Production) (Recorded at Dick Charles Recording Studios) (Chief Engineer: Jack Adams) (Additional Engineering: Ron Johnsen) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Boston Soul) [Parkway Records P-7057]

1967: The Ravers (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Dear Mrs. Applebee) [Tip 63-3069]

1967: The Rocking Boys (Letra original y música: Donovan Leitch / Letra española: José Carreras) als Me gusta el amarillo (Mellow yellow) (EP: Me gusta el amarillo) [Belter 51.78540] (4-track EP) (45 rpm) (Spaanse versie)

1967: The Young Holt Trio (Donovan Leitch) (Instrumental Group Directed by Gerald Sims) (Produced by Carl Davis) als Mellow Yellow [Brunswick 55317] (45 rpm)

1967: Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra (Donovan Leitch) (Instrumentals) (Produced by Harry Meyerson) (Arrangements by Dick Jacobs) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Xavier Cugat Today!) [Decca DL 74851]

1967: Young-Holt Unlimited (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (Vocal with Instrumental Accompaniment) (Recorded Live) (Music Directed by Gerald Sims) (Produced by Carl Davis) als Mellow Yellow in 1967 (LP: On Stage) [Brunswick BL 754125]

N°185 album-hit in Amerika voor Georgie Fame (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (Produced by Mike Smith) (Prepared for release in the U.S.A. by Manny Kellem) als Mellow Yellow in 1968 (LP: The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde) [Epic BN 26368]

1968: Steve Marcus (Donovan Leitch) (Steve Marcus, leader plays soprano & tenor saxophone) (Recording Engineer: Adrian Barber) (Produced by Herbie Mann) (Mike Nock, piano) (Larry Coryell, guitar) (Chris Hills, bass) (Bob Moses, drums) (Gary Button, tambourine) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Tomorrow Never Knows) [Vortex SD 2001]

1968: The Les Williams Orchestra (Donovan Leitch) als Mellow Yellow (LP: The Les Williams Orchestra Plays the Collected Works of Donovan) [Imperial LP-12422]

1968: The Vic Lewis Orchestra (Donovan Leitch) (Arranged & Produced by John Cameron) (Chief Engineer: John Richards) (List of Musicians: Conductor - Vic Lewis) (Leader - Sidney Sax) (Violins - John Sharpe, Granville Jones, Charles McKeown, Paul Sherman, Laurie Lewis, Alan Peters, Jack Harris, Leslie Maddox, Norman Lederman) (Violas - David Bellman, Henry Myerscough, Brian Thomas, Roy Patten) (Celli - Francis Gabarro, Charles Ford, Peter Halling, Dennis Southard) (Bass - Frank Clarke, John Honeyman) (Percussion - Tony Carr, Alan Grahame) (Guitar - Alan Parker) (Harp - Nula Herbert) (Piano - Laurie Holloway) (Soloists: Oboe - Ian Black) (Horn - Alan Vincil) (Cello - Francis Gabarro) (Tenor Saxophone - Danny Moss) (Flute - Harold McNair) (Harpsichord - Laurie Holloway) (Solo Voice - Joan Brown) (Recording Engineer: John Richards) (Orchestra Manager - John Watson) als Mellow Yellow (LP: The Boy in the Saffron Robe - The Vic Lewis Orchestra Plays the Music of Donovan) [NEMS S 6-63388]

1968: Tom Scott With The California Dreamers (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (Credits for "Mellow Yellow" Recorded September 20, 1967) (Personal: Tom Scott, tenor, alto, soprano saxes) (Bill Plummer, sitar) (Lincoln Mayorga, piano and harpsichord) (Jimmy Gordon, drums) (Gene Estes, percussions) (Louis Morell, guitar) (Max Bennett, Fender bass) (Produced by Bob Thiele) (Engineer: Eddie Brackett) (Re-mastering: Rudy Van Gelder) als Mellow Yellow (LP: The Honeysuckle Breeze) [Impulse! AS 9163 | ABC Records]

1969: Don Paulin (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (Produced by Siegfried E. Loch) (Arranged & Conducted by Ingfried Hoffmann) (Lead Guitar: Siegfried Schwab & Don Paulin) (Engineer: Willi Schmidt) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Me and My Papagayo) [Liberty LBS 83 166]

1969: Jeff Afdem & The Springfield Flute (Donovan Leitch) (Production Credits: Produced by Jeff Afdem) (Arranged by Jeff Afdem) (Engineer: Stan Ross) (Production Supervision: Jerry Dennon) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Jeff Afdem & The Springfield Flute) [Burdette ST-5162]

1969: The Johnny Arthey Orchestra (Donovan Leitch) (Arranged and Conducted by Johnny Arthey) (A&R Coordinator: Tom Berman) (Recorded in Londen, England) als Mellow Yellow (LP: The Golden Songs of Donovan) [RCA Victor LSP-4106]

1970: Conrad's Foot (Donovan) (Produced by Chris Thomas & Tony Young) als Mellow Yellow [DJM Records DJS.21] (45 rpm)

1970: Václav Neckář (Originál hudba a text: Donovan Leitch / Český text: Zdeněk Rytíř) (Václav Neckář a sbor) (Orchestr Golden Kids) (Řídí Josef Vobruba) (Bob-Serie) als Motejl modrejl (Mellow Yellow) [Supraphon 1 43 0935] (45 rpm) (Tsjechische versie)

N°109 album-hit in Amerika voor Herbie Mann (Donovan Leitch) (Personnel on "Mellow Yellow" is: Herbie Mann, flute; Albert Lee, guitar; Stéphane Grappelli, violin; Pat Rebillot, keyboards; Al Gorry, bass; Aynsley Dunbar, drums) (Recorded at Advision Studios, London, England) (Recording Engineer: Gary Martin) (Assistant Engineer: Mike Dunn) (Tape operator: Deck) (Re-mixed at Atlantic Studios, New York, N.Y. by Geoffrey Haslam) (Executive Producer: Ahmet Ertegün) (Produced by Geoffrey Haslam) als Mellow Yellow in 1974 (LP: London Underground) [Atlantic SD 1648]

1977: Lenore Somerset (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (John Crossing - Keyboards) (F. Newlyn - Bass) (M. Drew - Drums) (Bob Murphy - Guitar) (Arranged and Produced by Bob Murphy) (Recording Engineer: Peter Brook) (Assistant Engineer: Malcolm Hay) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Misty) [EMS Records GNLP 7056]

1983: Charly B. (Testo e Musica: Donovan Leitch) (Registrazione effectuate all'Umbi Studio "Maison Blanche" di Modena) (Arrangiamenti e produttore esecutivo: Fio Zanotti/Davide Romani) (Produzione: Peer Southern Productions) als Mellow Yellow [Discomagic Records NP 139] (45 rpm)

1993: Spiders & Snakes (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) (Produced by Dino Maddalone) (Engineered by Chris Maddalone) (Mastered at Bernie Grundman mastering facility my Mr. Bernie Grundman) als Mellow Yellow (CD: 2000 Retro) [RKD Records 4011-2]

1995: Casandra Lange als Mellow Yellow (CD: Estaba en llamas cuando me acosté) [Columbia 2-478667 | Sony Music Entertainment (Argentina) S.A.]

1997: David McCallum (Executive Producer - Wayne Watkins) (Produced and Compiled by Brad Benedict) (Digitally Remastered by Bob Norberg at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, California) (Production Assistance - Karen Myer) als Mellow Yellow (Donovan Leitch) / We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil) op de various artists (CD: On the Rocks Part One) [Capitol Records 7243 8 55161 2 2]

1998: Billy Jenkins (Billy Jenkins - vocals, sidecar guitar) (Iain Ballamy - saxophones) (Christine Tobin - vocals) (Django Bates - keyboards) (Dave Ramm - keyboards) (Steve Watts - double bass) (Mike Pickering - sidecar dumkit) (Martin France - dumkit) - with contributions from: The Fun Horns of Berlin - Volker Schlott a. sax) (Thomas Klemm 1. sax) (Rainer Brennecke - trumpet) als Invocation I - Mellow Yellow (CD: True Love Collection) [Babel BDV9821]

1998: Pork Pie Tribe (Words and Music by Donovan Leitch) als Mellow Yellow (LP: Pork Pie Tribe) [Citrus Records PTT-2292]

2000: Mary Chapin Carpenter (Executive Producer: Steve Greenberg) (Music Supervisor: Evyen Klean) als Mellow Yellow op de various artists (CD: Steal This Movie - Music from the Motion Picture) [Artemis Records 751038-2]

2002: Bob Rivers (Recorded at Bob's Garage studio with additional recording and production by Ben Karlstrom, Twisted Radio Inc.) als Leno Fellow (album: Twisted Tunes Vault Collection Vol. II) [Twisted Tunes EAN 6 60355 52012 9 | Self-released]

2002: Ciao Bella als Mellow Yellow op de various artists (CD: A Gift from a Garden to a Flower - A Tribute to Donovan) [Darla DRL-130]

2002: Jef Lee Johnson als Mellow Yellow (CD: Things Are Things) [Dreambox Media DMJ-1066]

2002: Vinx Featuring Stewart Copeland als Mellow Yellow (CD: The Mood I'm In) [peermusic PSP-2781]

2004: Mardi Gras.BB als Mellow Yellow (CD: 29 Moonglow) [Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics HAZ 031]

2006: The Gibbons als Mellow Yellow (CD: Exuber-Ray) [Rapid Breeder Records EAN 8 27912 05806 2 | Digital]

2008: Cavedoll (Recorded, mixed, mastered by Camden Ray Chamberlain @ Kitefishing Studio, Salt Lake City, Utah) als Mellow Yellow (album: The Sweetest Liar) [Cavedoll | CD Baby]

2010: Papa Benny's Jazzband (Donovan) als Mellow Yellow (CD: Portrait of Papa Benny's Jazzband Vol. 2) [Music Mecca CD 5076-2]

2015: Abraham Mateo als Mellow Yellow [Sony Music Entertainment España, S.L. | Digital]

2015: Verskotzi als Mellow Yellow op de various artists (CD: Gazing with Tranquility - A Tribute to Donovan) [Rock the Cause Records RTC 00004-2]

2017: Jaroslav Hutka (Český text: Zorka Růžová) als Sladké žluté (CD: Sladké žluté) [Galén G 14 062 2] (Tsjechische versie) (V červnu 1974 natočil Jaroslav Hutka soukromé studiové snímky několika svých písní. Nahrávka odpočívala čtyři desetiletí v archivu a poté z nich vydavatel sestavil dvojalbum šestadvaceti písní především z počátků Hutkovy písničkářské kariéry.)

2018: Dusty Wright (Donovan Phillips Leitch) (Produced by Dusty Wright) (Dusty Wright - vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion) (Donovan - background vocals) (David Lee Waters - Univibe guitar) (Bandon Wilde - harmony vocals & bass) (Howie Halpern - snare drum) (Recorded by Dusty Wright & Martin John Butler at Straus Park Studio, New York City) (Mixed by Brandon Malone) (Mastered by Aria Analog Mastering) als Mellow Yellow [PetRock Music PMCD 2007 | Digital]

2019: The Cat and Owl als Mellow Yellow (CD: Sounds of the 60s Vol. 4) [The Cat and Owl EAN 1 92641 26413 9 | Self-released]

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