16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (2024)

Tempe’s vibrant taco scene is a tapestry of flavors and traditions. From bustling food trucks serving up authentic street-style tacos to cozy taquerias offering innovative fusion creations, Tempe’s taco spots are a testament to the city’s love affair with this beloved dish. This guide highlights the top taco spots in the city.

In a nation crazy about tacos, every city boasts its champions. Tempe, a melting pot of flavors and traditions, is a prime example. From humble food trucks to bustling taquerías, the search for the city’s best tacos is also a journey through its neighborhoods and a glimpse into the soul of its vibrant community. Join us as we explore the delicious tortillas and perfectly seasoned meats of Tempe’s top taco spots

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (1)

Taco Boys

9/10 (755 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-597-5623

Flavorful Birria TacoImpressive selection of sidesSpectacular quesabirria and vampiro tacos

Taco Boys in Tempe is the go-to spot for authentic Mexican street food that packs a flavorful punch. The Birria Taco is a standout option, with generous portions of tender meat and a savory consommé that will have you savoring every spoonful. The selection of sides is impressive, and the quesabirria and vampiro tacos are nothing short of spectacular. The value of the Plato is unbeatable, making it a great choice for sharing. Don’t forget to wash it all down with their Horchata for a satisfying meal experience.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (2)

Santa Madre Taco Shop

9.2/10 (879 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-820-2323

Authentic TacosFresh Salsa BarEfficient Service

Santa Madre Taco Shop is a bustling spot serving up authentic Mexican street tacos that are a must-try. The carne asado tacos are flavorful, the barbacoa taco is a standout, and the beans are a real highlight. The crew is friendly, efficient, and operates in a clean space. The salsa bar adds an extra layer of freshness and the variety of toppings available enhance the taco experience. A truly traditional eatery where the food speaks for itself.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (3)

Maskadores Taco Shop

9.4/10 (709 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-284-7000

Flavorful fish tacosFun and friendly staffDiverse menu options

Maskadores Taco Shop is a gem within the Tempe food scene. The flavorful fish tacos and refreshing hibiscus drink stand out as customer favorites. The staff is known for their fun and friendly service, enhancing the overall dining experience. The diverse menu offers something for everyone, from street tacos to bandera burritos, ensuring that each visit is a culinary adventure worth repeating. The well-seasoned meats and generous portions further solidify Maskadores Taco Shop as a must-visit spot for Mexican cuisine lovers.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (4)

Taqueria Obson

9.2/10 (499 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-590-4468

Authentic BirriaDelicious QuesabirriaFriendly Staff

Taqueria Obson is a gem in the Arizona dining scene, offering an authentic taste of Mexico. The Birria and Quesabirria are standout items that customers rave about, with the tacos being a solid favorite. The restaurant’s friendly staff and clean atmosphere are also top-notch, immersing diners in a truly satisfying culinary experience. While some customers may experience slight delays in service, the delicious, fresh food more than makes up for any minor inconveniences. If you’re searching for genuine Mexican flavors, Taqueria Obson is a must-visit.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (5)

El Paisano Restaurant at The Carmin

9.4/10 (549 reviews)

| Directions | +1 480-474-4010

Generous portionsFriendly staffVibrant atmosphere

El Paisano Restaurant at The Carmin offers generous portions of delicious halal Spanish food in a clean and welcoming environment. The staff is friendly and the music creates a vibrant atmosphere that transports you to Mexico. The prices are great and the food is made fresh right in front of you, ensuring a fantastic dining experience. The barria tacos are a must-try and the overall vibe of the restaurant makes it a perfect spot to enjoy a satisfying meal. The location is convenient, with free parking available, making it a great choice for both families and college students.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (6)

Del Yaqui

9.2/10 (289 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-839-8170

Authentic cuisineFriendly staffReasonable prices

Del Yaqui in Guadalupe is a hidden gem serving up authentic Mexican cuisine that won’t disappoint. The chile verde was tender and flavorful, while the carne asada burrito was a hit with my dining companion. The Caldo de Pollo was a standout, with fresh ingredients and delicious broth. The staff was helpful and friendly, making for a warm dining experience. The prices were reasonable and the portions generous, making Del Yaqui a must-try in the area.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (7)

Tacos & Craft

9.6/10 (124 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-793-7262

Unique Indian fry bread dessertExcellent variety of tacosTop-notch service

Tacos & Craft is a must-visit spot in Tempe. The warm welcome and laid-back ambiance set the tone for an excellent dining experience. The variety of tacos is outstanding, with standout options like the Drunken Chicken taco, carne asada, and shrimp tacos. The Indian fry bread dessert is a unique and delicious must-try. The service is top-notch, with staff taking time to explain the menu and ensure your visit is enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a family dinner, Tacos & Craft delivers on both flavor and atmosphere.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (8)

Tacos Calafia

9.4/10 (354 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-640-7593

Al PastorTopping barHappy hour specials

Tacos Calafia is a must-visit spot with an excellent menu that offers a great variety of options. The Al Pastor tacos are a standout, bursting with delicious flavor. The topping bar is a convenient touch, and the happy hour margarita special is worth trying. The family meals and individual meat options to take home with sides make this place a gem. Overall, Tacos Calafia is a top-notch taco spot that delivers on both taste and service.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (9)

Casa Reynoso

9/10 (1600 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-966-0776

Authentic Mexican burrosCozy and welcoming atmosphereFlavorful beans and fresh guacamole

Casa Reynoso has a strong fan base, with customers often raving about the authentic Mexican burros and the delightful green sauce that accompanies them. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, making diners feel right at home. While some have been frequent patrons for years, others were disappointed by the lackluster presentation of the dishes, noting that the chimichangas fell short of their expectations. However, the flavorful beans and the fresh guacamole were highlights for some, despite the steep upcharge for certain menu items. The overall consensus is that Casa Reynoso serves up classic Mexican dishes with a touch of home-cooked goodness, making it a popular choice for those craving a taste of Mexico.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (10)

El Pollo Supremo

9.4/10 (706 reviews)

| Directions | +1 480-966-3713

Flavorful dishesGenerous portionsFriendly service

El Pollo Supremo is a cash-only gem serving up incredibly flavorful and fresh food that keeps customers coming back for more. From the tantalizing beef to the mouthwatering charbroiled chicken, every bite is a delight. The large portions make it perfect for sharing, and the no-frills, friendly service adds to the overall experience. The beans are a must-have, and the salsa is fantastic. This is not your standard Mexican fare – the quality here is unmatched. If you’re in Tempe, make sure to stop by for a delicious meal that won’t break the bank.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (11)

Los Taquitos

9/10 (2141 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-753-4370

Flavorful PozoleEfficient serviceDelicious Carne Asada

Los Taquitos is a popular spot for flavorful food, with standout dishes like the Pozole bringing customers back time and time again. The comfort provided by the rich soup full of pork and hominy is unmatched. The friendly and attentive staff ensure a pleasant experience, with top-notch food like the Carne Asada Burrito and delectable margaritas making it worth the visit.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (12)

Ghost Ranch: Modern Southwest Cuisine

9/10 (1113 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-474-4328

Welcoming atmosphereDelicious menuAttentive service

Ghost Ranch: Modern Southwest Cuisine offers a welcoming atmosphere and delicious food that truly stands out. The steak and egg dish was cooked to perfection, while the swordfish taco platter showcased the incredible homemade corn tortillas. The Southern Western decor adds a unique touch to the dining experience, making it a must-visit spot for those looking for a tasty meal in a cozy ambiance. The attentive service ensures that you will be well taken care of during your visit.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (13)

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

9.2/10 (2322 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-355-1934

Efficient serviceDiverse menuInviting atmosphere

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, is a breakfast haven providing an exceptional dining experience. The staff’s warm and efficient service ensures a seamless visit for both small and large groups. The menu offers diverse options, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices, all bursting with fresh, flavorful ingredients. The retro decor and inviting atmosphere create a cozy space to enjoy innovative dishes like the sweet potato veggie smash and avocado miso rice bowl with perfectly poached eggs. The attentive staff and delicious dishes make Snooze a must-visit breakfast spot in Tempe.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (14)

Mariscos El Wicho

9.4/10 (176 reviews)

| Directions | +1 623-332-3425

Fresh cevicheQuick serviceWide sauce selection

Mariscos El Wicho is a standout taco spot that offers a wide variety of ceviche options, all of which are fresh and flavorful. The service is quick and attentive, with a great selection of sauces available at every table. The food not only looks amazing but also tastes delicious, making it a must-visit for seafood lovers. Plus, the restaurant’s cleanliness and friendly staff add to the overall dining experience, making it a top choice for fresh Mexican cuisine in Phoenix. Stop by and indulge in their shrimp ceviche for a refreshing and satisfying meal.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (15)

Meño’s Place Taco Shop

9.2/10 (621 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 480-649-3229

Flavorful Al pastorHot salsasUnique atmosphere

Meño’s Place Taco Shop boasts an array of taco options that cater to various palates. While some may find the asada to be lacking in flavor, the Al pastor taco shines with its robust taste. The beans and rice may not meet everyone’s expectations, but the pineapple with coconut cream dessert adds a sweet note to the meal. The salsas offer a nice kick, with the very hot option living up to its label. The service is friendly, and the atmosphere is unique, making it a hidden gem for taco enthusiasts looking for a different dining experience in the Mesa/Phoenix area.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (16)

Sonora Cocina Express

9/10 (133 reviews)

| Directions | +1 480-781-2441

Authentic Mexican cuisineVariety of fresh salsasFriendly staff

Sonora Cocina Express stands out for its authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine. The breakfast burritos and tacos on Taco Tuesday are must-tries, especially when paired with the fantastic hot sauce and Mexican co*ke. The staff is friendly, adding to the overall experience. The menu offers high-quality, home-cooked dishes served quickly and hot. With fresh salsas, guacamole, and a variety of Mexican snacks, this restaurant is perfect for both casual lunches and family dinners. The colorful and spotless interior, along with the helpful manager Liz, create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. This hidden gem is definitely worth a visit for anyone craving traditional Mexican flavors.

16 Best Tacos in Tempe, AZ (2024)
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